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The Promise Maker
The Promise Maker



In the message “Capacity” Pastor John shares a revelation he received from 30 years of ministry. Paul declares in Philippians chapter 4 that you are going to experience lack and abundance, fullness and need in your life. You may not realize it but you already have everything you need for every circumstance you will encounter in your life. You are already victorious! Listen to this message and you will receive this revelation too!



The Honor Principle
The “Honor Principle” is an extremely important principle in the Bible! Although It appears that our culture has all but forgotten the rewards and benefits of this principle. Do you want the Lord’s blessings, his anointing, to experience miracles and the power of God in your life. If you do then honoring the Lord is number one! Listen to this message from Pastor Carmela and put the “Honor Principle” into practice in your life!



The Ark of God
Every believer must be sure they are traveling in the ark of security, safety and deliverance. God has the blueprint but you must labor to build the ark the way God has patterned it for your life!  Don’t miss the opportunity to  listen to this message and get into the ark! It’s God’s security and provision for you!



Lord and Tailor
In the message “Lord and Tailor” Pastor Carmela opens with the question Are you clothed? In the Garden of Eden the original garment was innocence not clothing. In this generation everyone wants to look good but you will discover in this message why worldly garments won’t suffice. Is your clothing attracting adversity or his presence? If your attracting adversity you better hit that Lord and tailor at the altar today!



Supply and Demand
In this message Pastor John will take you on a journey as he aligns the “Supply and Demand” business principle with the Bible. At the end of this message you will realize that the Supply and Demand principle is alive and well from Genesis to Revelation! Your demand and your hunger are really what’s important here in order for you to access everything that God has for your life! This is a message you don’t want to miss!



Dig It Out
In this message you will learn about the anointed shovel designed for you to dig. Jesus wants you to dig until you get to the rock. If you dig to the rock the storms that come will not prevail. I don’t  know what your going through but I do know that there is a  Shovel Designed Specifically for You!



The Powers of Life
In the message “ The Powers of Life” Pastor John shares with you the tremendous wisdom brought forth by Solomon In Ecclesiastes chapter 4. In this chapter Solomon questions What Drives You? What Motivates You? What Brings Fulfillment in Your Life? This message is critically important to ensure you are constantly filled with the type of resources and fuel to fulfill God’s plan for your life.



He is Risen
In this message I am going to speak to you about the most important event in the history of Christianity. Over the last 20-30 years the church has been mishandling the transaction of the baton passing to the next generation. You must listen to this message It is critical to your foundation. Everything in Christianity; all of the New Covenant hinges on this one single event!


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