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The Altar and the Bloodless Church


It is at the altar—where all that is inside is laid bare—that the value and source of redemption is understood. The strength of the gospel is the blood of Jesus Christ. Without an altar—a place of temporary discomfort and adjustment—there can be no lasting transformation. In this bold new series, John challenges all believers--from new converts to church leaders, and all in between, to refocus our eyes on the Author of our faith. He reminds us that the altar of God is not a stage for exhibiting an outward show of emotions for the sake of religion, but a place of intimate fellowship with God. John brings us back to the picture of true worship depicted in Leviticus and echoed in Romans. It is the image of a living sacrifice—facing the pain of surrender, experiencing remission from sin, knowing the transformation of renewed life and displaying the reward of fruitful righteousness.

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